decayed wood

Reduce The Risk of Insect Infestations Through Our Specialized Inpsections

Wood destroying insects don't stand a chance against your home in Wayne, NJ

Termites, carpenter ants and powder post beetles. Termites are the most serious insect that attacks the home, since they actually consume the wood. Carpenter ants and powder post beetles do not consume the wood, rather they make their nests in it, compromising the integrity of the wood. Wood Destroying Organism - Fungus attacks the wood cells, causing the wood to collapse.

Reduce the risk of termite and other wood destroying insect infestations with Speer Home Inspection's wood destroying insect inspections throughout Wayne, NJ. From the initial inspection, Speer Home Inspection will not only detect the presence of termites and other wood destroying insects, but we can suggest the proper treatment plan.

When the moisture content of the wood exceeds about 20%, fungus spores (naturally present in the atmosphere) can be sustained and grow within the wood. Once established, it will continue to decay the wood as long as the wood remains wet, leading to a loss of strength. Call today to receive your wood destroying insect inspection and prevent a potential long term infestation.