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Home Inspections To Ensure A Solid Foundation

Quality home inspections throughout Wayne, NJ

We provide an in-depth home inspection of all accessible areas including the roof, along with a detailed narrative report with color pictures. The average report is 20± pages long and is mailed or emailed the next business day. A home cannot fail a home inspection. A professional home inspection gives you an independent, unbiased view of any problems and their solutions, so that you will have all the facts you need to make a sound, informed decision.

Depending on the size and condition of the home, a thorough home inspection will take no more than four hours, usually between an hour and a half and three hours. Ideally, you will accompany your inspector during the consultation, so that you will have visual reinforcement of your written report. We encourage you to ask questions and receive explanations.We take our inspection reports seriously. Every inspection that Speer Home Inspections LLC does is a complete and thorough analysis of all the major systems and components in the home. Our Inspections usually last two to three hours.