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Below The Surface Environmental Testing

Know that your underground storage tank is sound with our environmental testing for your Wanye, NJ home

Speer Home Inspection's environmental testing is provided by Tank One Testing Services (NJ DEP Cert#US495280) Tank Scan. Many gas heated homes were once heated with oil. When converted, not all of these tanks were removed. Every day, abandoned tanks are discovered that even the seller was unaware of, which is why environmental testing is so important for your Wayne, NJ home.

Tank One employs a variety of methods including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Magnetometry, Electro-magnetic induction, and in-tank probing, as well as standard pipe and cable locating techniques. Where a metal detector might find objects just below the surface, the Magnetometer performs a much deeper scan. This instrument is used primarily to locate any sub-surface anomalies that resemble an Underground Storage Tank to a depth of 20 feet. Tank Test - Tank One performs a leak and corrosion test of the underground tank, sensors listen for specific sounds that identify failure in dry or wet areas of the tank. This method is the safest as opposed to pressure testing that can undermine the structure of an aging unsound tank.

This method does not detect soil contamination surrounding the tank or determine tank age, which is needed to obtain tank insurance. Above ground tank testing also includes an ultrasonic corrosion test instrument that measures the thickness of the tank walls. This sophisticated technology is used because the human eye can not determine how sound the tank is. This test measures the thickness of the tank walls, reduced by internal corrosion, helping to predict tank longevity. The process is noninvasive and should be performed before any real estate purchase. Soil Test - Soil sampling requires drilling or boring into the soil at a depth of five to ten feet all around the tank. The soil samples are then sent to a State Certified Laboratory and analyzed for the presence of petroleum compounds.

Contact Speer Home Inspection today to receive your environmental testing to ensure that your storage tanks aren't causing any potential health threats or safety risks to your home.