Speer Home Inspections LLC Provides Thorough, Efficient Home Inspections

From radon inspections to termite inspections to general home inspections - Speer Home Inspections LLC does it all in Wayne, NJ

Your home is the likely one of the largest investments you'll make in your lifetime. At Speer Home Inspections LLC, Bill Speer recognizes the importance of your home and the difference finding the right home inspector can make. Mr. Speer treats each home inspection as if he were inspecting his own home.

Home Inspections Services To Start You On A Solid Foundation

Let us detect any problems that may affect you long term

As a professional home inspector at Speer Home Inspections, Mr. Speer provides numerous home inspections to home buyers throughout the Wayne, NJ area. Such inspections are crucial to beginning life in a new home on a safe, protected path. At Speer Home Inspections, services include: radon testing and radon inspections, wood destroying insect inspections, environmental testing, termite inspections as well as indoor air quality testing in the Wayne, NJ area.

Top To Bottom Radon Inspections and Air Quality Testing

Ensuring safe homes throughout Wayne, NJ

Speer Home Inspections LLC recognizes that there are important home inspections that need to take place for all home buyers beyond just a general home inspection. Mr. Speer is specialized when it comes to environmental testing, indoor air quality testing, radon testing and beyond. Speer Home Inspections LLC provides thorough inspections and has the tools to recognize unusual activity from the start. Each inspection by Speer Home Inspections LLC is designed to identify and prevent long-term infestations that could be detrimental your home and family.

Paying Close Attention to First Time Home Buyers

Speer Home Inspections LLC places a high emphasis on first time home buyers to ensure that their radon testing, environmental testing, indoor air quality testing, wood destroying insect inspection and termite inspection are performed efficiently and effectively. Home inspector Bill Speer is fully committed to his clients with quality service being a top priority. Mr. Speer is an experienced home inspector that has been performing services such as radon testing since 2010. Let Mr. Speer, a certified and insured home inspector, provide you with top quality home inspections services in Wayne, NJ. Speer Home Inspections LLC looks forward to providing you with the protection you deserve. Call Speer Home Inspections LLC today!

Providing All Your Necessary Home Inspection Services

Whether you're in need of a termite inspection, indoor air quality inspection, radon inspection and testing, environmental testing or general home inspection, professional home inspector Bill Speer, of Speer Home Inspections, has you covered. Speer Home Inspections LLC makes it a top priority to ensure that your quality home inspections second to none. Make the right choice when it comes to getting started with your beautiful new home and call Speer Home Inspections LLC today to receive your initial consultation and quality home inspections of all kinds.

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